Hi, my name is

Yuniel Acosta.

I’m a software engineer, technology and science enthusiast, specialized in building web applications.

About me

Software engineer with approximately 5 years working in software development. Proficiency with front-end and back-end technologies. Technology and science enthusiast. I am experienced with Web Application Architecture, Software Design Principles, and Software Design Patterns. Interested in object-oriented programming, design patterns, functional programming, domain-driven design, and microservices. I am a versatile person with wide-ranging skills, eager to learn, and ready to face new and tough challenges in or out of my country.

Here are a few technologies that I've been working with recently:

  • TypeScript
  • HTML & (S)CSS
  • Vue
  • Node.js
  • Spring Boot
  • Java / Kotlin
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Where I've Worked

Software Engineer  @  Mercado Libre

Mon Nov 07 2022 - Present

  • Developed and maintained internal APIs for malicious behavior detection, improving security and preventing potential threats

Some Things I’ve Built

Featured Project

Movie App

MAN is a movie search app that helps display and sort all movies available in the TMDB API. This App is built with ReactJS, Tailwindcss, and Typescript. Also, uses Vercel to deploy.

Movie App

Featured Project

ITunes music search engine

Application to search for music using the ITunes Api. Made with Vue 3, Vite and Tailwindcss

ITunes music search engine

Other Noteworthy Projects

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Food Ordering System

This is a food ordering system that allows users to order food from restaurants. It is a microservice architecture that uses Kafka to communicate between services. It also uses PostgreSQL as a database. It is a work in progress.

Nuxt ToDo App

Application for manage a task list. It allows us add, mark as completed and delete a task. The App has three principal Views (All, Aactive and Completed)

React ToDo App

A simple to-do list application to demonstrate my React knowledge. Front-end project only, no backend or database storage.

Nuxt 3 Template

Simple, opinionated, fully typed, and production-ready project template made with Vue 3, TypeScript, Vite y Tailwindcss.

Vue3 Starter

Simple, opinionated, fully typed, and production-ready project template made with Vue 3, TypeScript, Vite y Tailwindcss.


A simple application made in Flutter where a list by categories of the dishes and their ingredients is shown.

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After switching from Linux to MacOS, I found some limitations such as the lack of basic functions like cutting files, the inability to write to the NTFS file system, the difficulty to arrange each window on the desktop to my liking, the inability to create a file from the file explorer and the absence of native Docker on MacOS. However, performance, the fully integrated ecosystem, the great variety of available software and the integration with the various development ecosystems stand out.

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